Becoming a Sponsor




         The package will include 4 levels, for the sake of organization, the list will start at the lower level, and each proceeding level will include the elements from the previous level.

          We are also looking to see if we can partner with certain business to help us cover different expenses. What we are looking at specifically for donations are as follows:

  • T-shirt sponsorship – we want to see if someone would cover the cost of purchasing t-shirts and/or the cost of printing the shirts for the individuals participating.
  • The meal at supper time would constitute a BBQ. We are looking for food donations (hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, trimmings, drinks) and perhaps donations of actual BBQs used for the cooking.
  • Morning we are planning to have coffee muffins offered for participants/volunteers. A sponsor could be looked at in this capacity as well to donate what we need.
  • We are setting up an auction for the event, so prize donations would be accepted as well.




Sponsorship  Levels


 Bronze Level - $200.00

  • Business card size branding recognition on power point presentation that will run throughout morning registration and evening meal / awards.
  • Name recognition on hand out provided to each team.
  • Standard sign with recognition of partnership with our event that can be posted at business location.


Silver Level - $500.00

  • Silver level recognition on power point presentation and hand outs.
  • Sponsor Logo / Name would be printed on t-shirts provided to participants.
  • Sponsor Logo and/or name on the event website.


Gold Level - $1000.00

  • Gold level recognition on power point presentation and hand outs.
  • Link to sponsor’s personal website via our event website.
  •  Sponsor would be part of event. This means that one of the required tasks or items would bring participants to the sponsor’s location. We would also have two events linked to the sponsor to maximize chances that participants go to the location.


Event Sponsor Level - $2500

  • Title Sponsor with all advertising throughout and for the event.
  • Free admittance for one team to participate in the rally event.
  • Presence for the business sponsor at the hall to promote their services / goods. (Subject to review by the club.)




 CMHA Starbright
343 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON K6J 3R1, Canada